Welcome to the Town of Bayfield, 
Where Stars Shine Bright!

Bayfield is a welcoming community that values diverse growth in our schools, residents and businesses which enhances our cultural fabric. We respect independence, foster education and value our natural scenic environment. We are a community family devoted to the quality of life for every resident—an authentic small town experience in the Heart of Pine River Valley.


We are a community focused on continued prosperity and economic growth while maintaining our small town values and natural scenic environment.


A thriving community that ensures the quality of life for all residents while maintaining our values and small town character.


• We respect our heritage. Our community work ethic is rooted in the hard-earned achievement of past generations.
• We respect independence, foster education, and value our natural scenic environment.
• We welcome diversity in our schools, residents, and businesses that enhances the cultural fabric of our community.
• We are a community family devoted to the quality of life for every resident. We are helpful, caring, and morally grounded.



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Bayfield Clean Up Day October 16, 2021

Thursday, September 23, 2021
Bayfield's Fall Clean Up day will be October 16, 2021, at the Town Shop, 905 Community Lane, at the east end of Bayfield Parkway. Items may be dropped of beginning at 8am and ending once dumpsters are full. See flyer for full details. Bayfield Clean Up Day

CPW Bear Home Audit Checklist

Tuesday, August 31, 2021
Colorado Parks and Wildlife release a bear home audit checklist to help residents of bear country keep track of actions that can minimize bear interactions. CPW Bear Home Audit Checklist

Springtime Trash Guidelines

Friday, April 9, 2021
As springtime ramps up and everyone gets the itch to start yardwork, please keep a few things in mind for disposing of yard waste and other household trash. A full cart of yard waste can be difficult to collect: Carts may be too heavy for the truck arm to hold and may fall into the truck Debris

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