Business Licensing

The Town requires a business license for any person who engages in the operation, conduct, or carrying on of any retail, profession, trade or business within the Town.

This includes but is not limited to the following:

•Directly or indirectly operating or maintain a building, store, office, salesroom, warehouse, or other place of business within the Town.

•Sending one or more employees, agents or sales persons into the Town to solicit business or to install, assemble, repair, service or otherwise assistant any person in the use of products.

•Making delivery of goods or services to any entity or person located within the Town. Business can not occur until a license has been obtained from the Town and the applicant has met all requirements assessed. Any person operating, conducting or carrying on of any retail, profession, trade or business which contains or is composed of separate retail businesses shall secure individual licenses for each trade, profession or business. Individuals obtaining a business license must complete all forms before a license will be issued.

Home Offices & Home Occupations: If you are planning to conduct business out of your residence please contact the Town as soon as possible. Some types of businesses may not be allowed within residential zoning districts. Please contact the Town Hall to find out what is permitted in the area where you live.

Any business license application that is submitted incomplete will be returned to the business and a business license will not be issued. The business will be considered to be in violation of Town codes until all information is provided to the Town. § Sec. 5-19.

License Expiration & Penalties: Business Licenses expire on December 31 of each year. Businesses operating within Town limits without a license are subject to citation to Municipal Court.

SALES TAX LICENSE: All businesses conducting retail sales are required to charge the Town’s sales tax rate of 3.0%, County tax of 2.0% and the State tax of 2.9%, for a total of 7.9% sales tax. Bayfield sales tax is collected through the State by a standard sales tax license from the State of Colorado. C.R.S. 39-26-103

BUILDING PERMITS: The Town requires building permits for any new construction, change of use/occupancy, or remodeling. Work done without a permit is subject to fines and the new construction may be required to be removed.

SIGN REQUIREMENTS: The Town requires a permit for any new signs  or changes to signage.

ZONING: All changes to building tenants, use, renovations, or expansions to businesses require review by the Town land use administrator and building inspector.

FIRE DEPARTMENT: Upper Pine River Fire Protection District reviews commercial uses and construction projects. Upper Pine Fire can be reached at 970-884-9508.

STATE REQUIREMENTS: Colorado Secretary of State and Department of Revenue have tools to help businesses navigate state requirements and licensing. Visit to access State information.

Where does my business fit?


Occupational License

Occupational Business means a business that is operating within a permanent structure, fence enclosure, property, etc., within Bayfield town limits.

Occupational licenses are divided into two levels based on the number of employees. Businesses operating with 6 or less employees and those operating with 7 or more.

Non-profit entities also fall under this classification, even if their bases of operation are not located in Town limits.

These licenses renew in January of each year.

Traveling Trade License

Traveling Trade is a business operation that does not have a permanent location in Bayfield town limits and is typically traveling from place to place, such as general contractor, construction developer, door to door sales, roving snack wagons, realtor, property management firm, professional carpenter, equipment operation, etc.

Traveling trade businesses are not classified by the number of employees.

These licenses renew in January of each year.

Itinerant License

Itinerant Business is any business conducted in a building, tent, from a truck, van or trailer, on a parking lot or vacant parcel of land, or a sanctioned Town event with property owner permission for a temporary period of time. This classification may include food truck/trailer, parking lot sales, garage/yard sales exceeding 5 days per license year, etc. Under one business license, the business operation has the option to designate no more than three temporary locations. Additional locations require additional licensing.

Itinerant business licenses expire 6 months from the date of application or December 31, whichever comes first. Extensions may be made for the balance of the calendar year after the 6-month period has ended.

See Land Use Code Section 7-22 for additional temporary or food truck/trailer requirements.

Market Coordinator License

Market Coordinator is one individual or organization (including a non-profit) that organizes a market or fair. The Market Coordinator entity has the authority to invite Cottage Food Act-eligible participants under its license. It is the responsibility of the Market Coordinator to ensure that participants invited under the Market Coordinator license meet the criteria of the Cottage Food Act.

Market participants whose products do not quality under the Cottage Food Act must apply as a Street Vendor.

The Market Coordinator license is valid for events not to exceed ten days per calendar year or until December 31, whichever comes first.

Street Vendor