Comp Plan Working Group

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The Town of Bayfield is starting the process of updating the 2018 Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan).  The Comp Plan is an advisory document to help guide future land use decisions by answering the following questions for the community: Where are we now?  Where are we headed?  Where do we want to go?  How do we get there? 

 During the Comp Plan update process there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved and provide input.  The first opportunity is participating on a Working Group.  This group will meet regularly to collaborate and provide guidance, review, and feedback throughout the update process.  To apply to be on the Working Group, please send a letter of interest with the following information to Nicol Killian at, or drop off at Town Hall, by July 12, 2022:

  • Your Name
  • Physical Address
  • Phone & Email Contact Information
  • Reason for wanting to participate on the Working Group

 The Board of Trustees will approve the membership of this group in July, 2022.  For more information on the Comp Plan Update process, please visit: