Springtime Trash Guidelines

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As springtime ramps up and everyone gets the itch to start yardwork, please keep a few things in mind for disposing of yard waste and other household trash.

A full cart of yard waste can be difficult to collect:

  • Carts may be too heavy for the truck arm to hold and may fall into the truck
  • Debris (leaves, dirt, cat litter, loose household trash) may foul the locking mechanism on the bear carts and prevent them from opening when lifted
  • Carts can at times be too heavy to lift off the ground
  • Large branches and such may prevent other trash from falling from the cart

Take steps to make sure carts stay in good working order and can be emptied easily.

  • Bag all trash, including leaves, dirt, and other yard waste
  • Do not fill the cart to the point where the lid cannot close and do not force the lid to lock on overfull carts
  • Cut down any large or bulky items to prevent wedging in the cart
  • If you have a project where you expect to have excess trash or if you routinely have more trash than will fit inside a single cart with the lid closed, contact Town Hall to request additional carts

Bayfield will hold Spring Clean Up Day, Saturday, May 1, 2021, from 8 am until dumpsters are full.  See the flyer for details.

La Plata County manages the Bayfield Transfer Station for trash and recycling on County Road 223. Call 970-382-6376 for details and hours.

Please contact Town Hall with questions, 970-884-9544.