The Town of Bayfield maintains the wastewater system serves Bayfield Town residents and businesses as well as residents in Gem Village and the Homestead subdivision. Bayfield's system can treat up to 600,000 gallons of wastewater per day and is served by approximately 29 miles of sewer mains, four lift stations, and approximately 1,400 residential and commercial sewer taps.

In order to maintain better control over the system, Town absorbed Bayfield Sanitation District in 2007. The Gem Village treatment plant was decommissioned in 2010 and all wastewater from Gem Village and Homestead Village is pumped to the plant in Bayfield for treatment.

Currently, the waste water treatment plant is gearing up for some modifications to meet the new nutrient standards set by the State for implementation by 2030. Public Works is also working on infiltration repairs, mainly on old taps that are leaking and causing excess flow during the summer months due to the irrigation water.

System User Rates and Fees

Plant Investment Fees for Bayfield's wastewater treatment system help with system maintenance and upgrades as Town grows.

Tap and inspection fees per equivalent residential tap are $6,050

Monthly user rates for in-Town residential and commercial customers

Base Rate 6,000 Gallons $54.20
6,001-15,000 gal additional $0.75/kgal
15,001-30,000 gal additional $1.00/kgal
30,001-50,000 gal additional $1.50/kgal
50,001+ gal additional $2.00 /kgal

In-town sewer rates are assessed annually based on an average of winter water usage (November–March) for each account. New billing rates begin May 1 each year.

New properties shall be assessed the out of town rate until adequate consumption data is available.

Out-of-Town monthly use rates are $56/tap/month