The Town's raw water comes from the Los Pinos River and is treated at the Town's water treatment facility. In 2016 the Town signed an agreement with the La Plata Archuleta Water District (LAPLAWD) to supply their customers with drinking water using a joint facility. Part of the agreement was for LAPLAWD to upgrade the Towns existing plant. The expansion added 1.0 MGD to the existing 1.5 MGD plant with the capability to add another 1.0 MGD in the future with just the purchase of another 1.0 MGD filter. The Town is the sole owner of the expansion and is just the supplier to LAPLAWD in bulk water. Current capacity of the plant is 2.5 MGD, we use Chlorine Dioxide as pretreatment, coagulation/ flocculation, UV/chlorine for final disinfection before distribution. The distribution system consists of approx.18 miles of main lines and approx.1300 taps. The Town maintains approximately 2 million gallons of storage and 6 pressure reducing stations for 3 different pressure zones in the system.

The Town’s drinking water comes from the Pine River and is treated & maintained by the Town’s Public Works Department. There is approximately 15.5 miles of water distribution lines that service the Town and its residents.

Current treatment capacity is 2.5 million gallons per day and plant operation requires a Class A license. The Town currently has a Class A operator & a Class B operator on staff for the day-to-day operations of the Water Treatment Facility. The Town currently has 2 million gallons worth of water storage capacity.

The Town Board adopted a policy to maintain 1,000 gallons of water storage per household per day in order to ensure adequate water availability for fire fighting, drought reserve, & minor river contamination due to forest fires or soil run-offs.

For current rates please select the link for Resolution 506.